Stephen Bulled & Son Dog Training

One to One Dog Training Lessons

We can offer one to one lessons these are particularly useful for anyone with a new puppy. Its a good idea to have a session shortly after completing your initial vaccinations. We can then set your pup up the right way for future training. Its important to realise a puppy is always learning and unfortunately a lot of people encourage certain traits that will later become problems. While at the same time neglecting to establish other desirable behaviour. Sometimes as few as five sessions spread three or four weeks apart can leave you with a perfectly trained young dog.

Attention and Focus is key. Best established as early as possible

We can sometimes offer individual sessions with older dogs. To iron out minor problems or help someone with a dog looking for some more stimulating training , such as tracking or gun dog work.

Buzz the cat is a valued member of our Team

However if a dog has more severe issues particularly any kind of aggressive behaviour its unlikely to be improved by two or three sessions and the Residential training is much more appropriate.

PS if you have a dog as Agressive as this you need a trip to the vet not me or any other Trainer. Your likely to end up on BBC news!!

If you are at all interested and wish to find out more please feel free to Call or Text. Arranging to come down for one session is a great idea as if you’ve already been trying to train elsewhere you will soon see the difference in our experience and variety of different training techniques.