Stephen Bulled & Son Dog Training

Dog Training

We offer Dog training primarily on a residential basis. All in our five acres of totally secure paddocks to six feet in height. This allows us to form a relationship with your dog, enabling us to achieve the best possible training outcomes. Our training is varied and we can help you from puppy training stage right through to adult dogs.

Good training outcomes may be improved recall, manners and obedience. So the dog becomes a calm and happy member of the family. The end goal is to have happy dogs (and happy owners!)
We also specialise in turning round adult dogs of any age with problem behaviours including aggression towards dogs or humans.

We’ve seen a wide variety of different techniques used and seen the upside and downside of all of them. Our evolution through Dog Training has brought us to a point where we’re totally positive in our approach, but have seen how the older techniques used to work.

What we’ve noticed with some dogmatic positive trainers is that just because they’re using food and toys they assume what they are doing is perceived as positive by the dog. Sometimes overtraining in itself, micromanaging everything the dog does, can become negative training. Knowing what makes a dog tick in the way of its own natural instincts is the aspect that will make the real difference, because then it’s truly positive for all parties, Dog and Owners. This is what we aim to achieve, truly Positive Dog Training.